Solving Analytic Challenges

Our clients are seeking insights that will help them make better decisions. Our solutions, whether we are building analytic applications or performing analyses, are created in close cooperation with the people who need to make those decisions.  We are technology and product agnostic but have a deep understanding of the vast landscape (commercial and open source) of analytic tools, analytic techniques, and functional capabilities that are available to solve any analytic challenge.  Read on for some examples of the capabilities Eastport Analytics has applied to help solve our clients' analytics challenges.


detecting patterns to thwart threats

After 911 the Federal Air Marshals were responsible for evaluating and acting on incident reports from airports around the country. As incident reports streamed in from across the country, they were trying to answer a simple question...have I ever seen an incident "like" this before?

This unique mission required a new type of advanced analytic tool - thus Eastport's iConnex®.

iConnex® helps uncover patterns and similarities in unstructured data by seamlessly combining search, visualization, and text analytics.

Visualizing data to uncover financial abuse

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation insures certain private pension benefits that are protected by law. Eastport helped the PBGC's Inspector General combine and visually explore pension data to surface possible administrative abuses.  

Dynamic data visualization is both a great first step towards understanding the landscape of your data and a compelling means of communicating insights garnered from data once they are discovered. Eastport uses a range of visualization solutions ranging from commercial tools such as Tableau, Spotfire and Qlik to statistical packages like R to highly customized, bespoke visualizations in D3 or other development frameworks. 

Traversing networks for compliance investigations

A large government agency program needed to ensure that international banks were complying with agreements to disclose potentially criminal activities by U.S. persons. Eastport's LinkScape helped investigators navigate and explore a complex web of transactions to identify potential malfeasance by both individuals and international banking institutions. 

Several commercial and academic solutions exist for link analysis, but they can be cumbersome, expensive and difficult for non-technical users to apply. LinkScape has been used by multiple government agencies to discover and navigate networks of interest, be they comprised of individuals, organizations, or other entities. LinkScape uses a graph database and HTML5 technology to expose advanced analytic functions in an intuitive and performant way. 

Text Analytics for Competitive intelligence

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company was trying to understand the competitive landscape their new products were entering. That landscape includes patient and provider sentiments, news, online opinion leaders, clinical trial data, and marketing materials.  

Extracting useful insights from text can be a difficult challenge, but Eastport has applied text analytic capabilities like named entity extraction, thematic extraction, categorization, sentiment analysis and summarization to enhance analysts' capabilities in several domains, including legal e-Discovery, intelligence, competitive intelligence, and others. Text analytics can help analysts focus on the right needles among haystacks.