Solution Lead


A Solution Lead is a Solutioneer who leads assessments and piloting projects. By leveraging talent and coordinating the efforts of team members, projects are delivered in accordance with Eastport’s agile methodology. The Lead is responsible for shaping and defining how the project’s objectives will be met by an iterative process and oversees the execution of those iterations throughout the project’s life cycle.


About You

You must have the skills, knowledge and abilities of a proven, consistently successful Solutioneer (see Solutioneer Page). You have highly developed analytical and conceptual skills in developing efficient and effective solutions to diverse and complex business problems. Having experience in project management and technical leadership is essential. The Eastport iterative process of project lifecycle often requires change in approach based on client feedback and Solutioneers’ technical ideas – as such, you must be flexible and focused on the client’s best interest. Your effective verbal and written communication skills and means to explain technical information to clients, vendors, senior management and staff are must-haves to succeed.



  • Understand your client’s missions, business needs and challenges as well as the business processes that support them
  • The Lead is mainly responsible for the technical architecture of the solution
  • Moderate the solution creation process, coordinate agile development of the solution and liaise between solution team and Solution Facilitator
  • Define and evolve system concepts and technically feasible software solutions that answer the client’s analysis challenges.
  • Research, understand, and document client challenges in order to develop the best solution concept
  • Partner with the Solution Facilitator to conduct client Assessments. You also will work with Solutioneers to select the right software tools, technologies and approaches to address analysis requirements.
  • Manage the solution team to design, develop and implement solutions
  • Additionally, you will be responsible for the project’s budget, time boxes, resource allocation, and approach and to document, track and plan the solution’s development.



At Eastport, we care about what you can do more than how you learned to do it. None of our positions require strict qualifications, but below we've outlined what we expect you to be able to do with your acquired skills, knowledge and abilities.

As a Solution Lead Journeyman, you are able to

  • Identify, define, and execute tasks in furtherance of solutions
  • Execute moderately complex tasks
  • Conduct independent client engagements as requested

As a Senior Solution Lead, you are able to

  • Define, architect, evolve and independently execute or assign tasks
  • Execute sophisticated and complex self-determined tasks
  • Engage with clients on own or with others
  • Mentor, train and/or supervise others

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to