What Makes an Organization Insightful?


Successful organizations aggressively exploit insights out of data to relentlessly and measurably improve outcomes. Eastport has been dedicated to helping our clients become more insightful for over two decades. The first step is understanding - across cultural, analytic, and infrastructure perspectives - how insightful your company is today.  

How can organizations work collaboratively across the business, information technology and support divisions to apply analytics toward creating and sustaining a competitive advantage? An initial maturity assessment helps us understand what types of ‘levers’ - such as technologies, teams, engagement models - we need to pull to make a project successful. For example, a higher level of engagement and collaboration is needed when culture is lagging, whereas a higher level of data wrangling is needed when the infrastructure is lagging. The culture, analytics, and infrastructure of an organization are rarely equally insightful, and typically one of these three areas is leading the charge. Here are three examples of an organization at different levels of "insightfulness":

  • Culture-led: The organization has a group dedicated to applying a range of methods to recommend mission-side operational improvements
  • Analytics-led: Mission-side knows they need to use insights to make decisions, but doesn’t feel they have the corporate support or required skills to make this a reality
  • Infrastructure-led: Infrastructure exists, but enterprise-wide information is difficult to gather and analyze

How effectively is your company leveraging insights to create and sustain a competitive advantage?

Use the chart below to help determine how insightful your organization is