Delivering Insights Since 1999

Eastport Analytics delivers significant mission impact to revenue, compliance, and investigative clients across the Departments of Treasury, Justice, Homeland Security, and other select federal organizations. We've executed hundreds of successful assessments and mission trials over the last two decades. In each engagement, we helped the team focus on the critical analytic challenge, such as:

  • Are terrorists flying the friendly skies, and if so how can we identify them and get them off the planes?
  • How to identify which offshore bank credit cards are being used to evade taxes, and who owns them?
  • Can we determine if any struggling-but-still-solvent pension plans are acting against the best interests of their pensioners?
  • Why do taxpayers use paper vs. digital channels, and how can we encourage the latter?

Within the first thirty days, Eastport's assessment delivers:

  • Critical insights into the challenge, over actual mission data;
  • Specification of an advanced analytical solution; and
  • An insights roadmap, detailing how to apply the insights and solutions to drive improved mission outcomes.

Our assessments are priced under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Eastport Analytics is a veteran-owned small business.  We are available under GSA IT Schedule 70 as well as other vehicles, and accept government credit cards.