Delivering Insight Since 1999

Eastport Analytics delivers significant mission impact to marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, and investigative clients across the pharmaceutical, financial services, advertising/media, defense, and other select market sectors. We've executed hundreds of successful assessments and mission trials over the last two decades. In each engagement, we helped the team focus on the critical analytic challenge, such as:

  • Which combination of marketing investments across multiple channels, are actually moving the sales needle?
  • Which "key opinion leaders" should we target for participation in our product trials, and which should we avoid (due, e.g, to conflicts of interest or connections with rival companies)?
  • How to understand the impact of overhead staff activities on KPIs and business outcomes?

Within the first thirty days, Eastport's assessment delivers:

  • Critical insights into the challenge, over actual data;
  • Specification of an advanced analytical solution; and
  • An insights roadmap, detailing how to apply the insights and solutions to drive improved mission outcomes.

Our assessments deliver answers to critical business questions, and also sharply reduce risk associated with analytics/IT acquisition and implementation. Unlike management consultants (who tell you how to do your job) or vendors (who sell you their product), Eastport works with you to demonstrate how analytics actually deliver insight leading to better business outcomes.