The Insightful Organization

Lots of hype out there about "Big Data" and "Analytics".  The CIO community is all abuzz, having shifted from "data-driven decisioning" through "analytics-driven decisioning" and now to "insights-driven decisioning".   Great if you're selling software/hardware/services; how does all this help decision-makers evolve towards more insightful organizations?  How does this help them leverage insights to create/sustain competitive advantage?

Brian Hopkins, Forrester Research, wrote an interesting blog last week on building "systems of insight".  Key takeaway is the closed loop - insights informing decisions, and decisions driving innovation in insight generation.  Note that neither data, analytics, nor insights drive decisions - DECISION-MAKERS drive decisions.  Data is a utility; analytics derive insights from data; insights inform decisions; and, to close the loop, decisions should drive innovation in analytics.

This pattern - insights informing decisions, decisions driving analytic innovation - is a key attribute of truly insightful organizations.