Big Data Supply vs Analytics Demand

When addressing the impact of technology and information on corporate decisioning, survey questions and responses tend to focus on supply-side "Big Data" issues.  Case in point - Randy Bean  (@RandyBeanNVP) just published the results of New Vantage Partners’ 2015 Fortune 1000 Executives Big Data survey (  Impressive exploration of Big Data’s evolution in Fortune 1000 companies (primarily Financial Services and Life Sciences verticals).  Major takeaways include fairly standard "supply side" Big Data insights, including:  the emergence of “Chief Data Officers” (though unclear if CDOs are any less the modern equivalent of "VP/Electricity” than the CIO); and how critical “partnership between business and technology organizations and leadership” is to Big Data adoption.

I found fascinating the "demand side" insights buried deeper in the report:  the shift from data warehouses to data lakes, importance of  data variety & agility over volume and velocity; and increase in percentage of firms with an "analytical sandbox, Big Data Lab, or Big Data Center of Excellence to facilitate data discovery”.  The theme here seems to be a shift from an engineering and data-centric approach towards enabling a more business-focused discovery process.

Good news for organizations striving to create/sustain competitive advantage through innovation in analytics.  A sandbox with access to raw data, where emphasis is on data variety & agility, is precisely the kind of environment best suited to supporting rapid agile evolution of analytic solutions.