iConnex® provides a powerful set of analytical features that provide mission validated analytical and investigative capabilities in an intuitive and easy to use manner. Each of the features within iConnex® has been designed directly in conjunction with actual analysts and investigators.

Entity Match

Find matching suspects, addresses, vehicles and phone numbers across reports.

Search Visualization

Allows users to visualize the intersection of complex search results without having to run complex Boolean queries.

User Controlled Fuzzy Matching

Allows users to control the fuzziness of matching names, addresses, vehicles and phone numbers to accommodate misspellings and typographical errors.

Full Text Searching

Easily search across all fields, including both structured and unstructured, within a record.

Geospatial Visualization

See matching addresses within Google Earth and in context with critical infrastructure and key resources.

Link Visualization

Visualize connections across reports in an intuitive link visualization.

Proactive Alerting

Users can be proactively alerted to reports that match specific search criteria. Users can also be notified if new reports match subjects in old reports.

Guided Navigation

Browse reports using predetermined criteria like: report date, activity type or geographical region.

Thesaurus Searching

Simultaneously search reports for words that are synonymous to a target search term (e.g. Gun, Pistol, Firearm or Weapon) without having to search on each term individually. Allows users to expand thesaurus by adding terms of art, specialized domain terms or slang.

Multi-database Searching

Simultaneously search across all or specifed datasets with a unified search interface.

Trend & Pattern Analysis

Visualize trends and patterns from a select subset of reports that match a particular MO.

Document Comparison

Matching entities are highlighted in context with the actual report. This helps users to determine the validity of matching entities.